Energy Efficiency

Ashburnham Realty is focused on ways of improving our existing buildings, our newly developed buildings and our future developments. Our Team realizes the importance of building and energy efficiency. Our Team provides tenants with energy efficient ways of conserving energy by installing energy efficient light bulbs lighting and appliances.




Ashburnham Realty utilizes an energy efficient program in some of our buildings that allows the company to quickly see how much electricity tenants are using within the apartments, down to the hour. On a building scale, we consider how many occupants there are and how many apartments per floor within the building in order to track daily energy data. In several of our buildings where tenants reside in all-inclusive apartments, energy can be track and managed in order to budget within the future. Ashburnham Realty can than utilize this information for future buildings. Tenants are rewarded for their energy efficiency within each building.




It is our goal to try and use as little energy as possible to conserve the environment. Our company will be taking every step possible to make this building ultra-efficient.  A member of our team will be monitoring the energy efficiency of the building over the next few months. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption by over 30 percent. We ask that tenants adopt this goal as well.




There are financial incentives for our company to lower usage which would then provide more money to invest in each building. Ashburnham Realty regularly examines building equipment, systems, and maintenance procedures to make sure that our buildings are operating as efficiently as possible. Some ways include: the tune up of heating equipment; inspecting ducts and windows in order to seal any leaks; calibrate thermostats and set them at appropriate temperatures; insulate hot water tanks and piping throughout the building; inspect and clean/change air filters.

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