No Smoking – A Year in Review

A Year In Review



The Ashburnham Realty Team would

like to thank all of our tenants who

have helped keep our buildings





Non Smoking Policy:


Our company continues to develop new buildings within the City of Peterborough and want to ensure that these buildings our classified as smoke free. Property owners can establish no-smoking policies. A no smoking clause has been transitioned into all leases, is listed as an added regulations or rule within our Schedule A and No Smoking signs have been posted throughout the buildings. This includes balconies, patios, common areas or the building such as the main entrance, laundry rooms and hallways. Please note that there is a City of Peterborough By Law (#07-128) regarding smoking and “it has been determined that second hand tobacco smoke is a hazard because of its impairment, adverse effect and risk to health, and is a public nuisance because of its irritating and discomforting properties.” In multi-residential buildings, tenants endure the smell of smoke or second hand smoke even when many are non-smokers.



Health Reasons:


According to Smoke Free Ontario, “when people smoke within their private units, they are emitting a toxic substance that does not respect the boundaries of the unit. The substance is known to travel from unit to unit and throughout the building which puts resident’s and staff’s heath at risk.” Not to mention that second hand smoke exposure is also bad for a person’s health.

Smoke travels within a building through balconies, ducts, pipes, electrical outlets, dropped ceilings, windows, doors, walls, floors, fans, lighting and phone/cable jacks.

Tenants who encourage the non-smoking policy and inform the office regarding neighbors smoking within the building can assist in the prevention and ban of smoking. In order to completely reduce the exposure of smoke or second hand smoke within a building, there must be no smoking period.


Non Smoking Benefits for all tenants:


– Reduces risk of potential fires within buildings
– Reduces the amount of hallway painting costs/ carpet re-installation due to the odor of smoke and the damages of smoke within a building (which will reduce rent increases each year).


Should tenants comply with a non-smoking policy?


Yes, tenants who signed a lease agreement that requires them to follow rules and regulations. With the help of neighboring tenants and the Ashburnham Realty staff, all of our buildings can be classified smoke free. Tenants and/or their guests are asked to smoke outside.


Can a tenant be evicted for smoking inside the residential unit?


Yes, if a Landlord can prove that the rental unit was damaged due to the tenant and/or their guests smoking within the rental unit or if other tenants within the residential complex complaint that smoking is interfering with their reasonable enjoyment. The Landlord can apply the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict the tenant who is smoking within the residential unit.


Does smoke affect all tenants financially?


Yes, when a tenant receives a rent increase annually, one of the reasons may be to cover the costs of maintaining, eliminating and renovating rental units that have smoke residue, odor and damages that the Landlord had to endure in order to turn over a rental unit or to keep the building appealing to potential new tenants. The cost of upkeep to a Landlord can be substantial over the years which may be one of the reasons necessary to increase other tenants rents annually.


Smoke Damages:


– Cigarettes can burn laminate and hardwood floors
– Can stain walls, carpets, bathtubs and sinks
– Can leave an odor


Please contact our office for information on Quitting Smoking.

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