The ATEAM: Harrison McKinnon Memorial Golf Tournament


Paul Bennett, Rob Fisher and Cam Speed (Ashburnham Realty) and Mark Garrard (RedX Technologies)

The ATEAM participated in the first Harrison McKinnon Memorial Golf Tournament at the Quarry Golf Club in Ennismore, Ontario. As mentioned on the Facebook Page:



“This One’s for Cancer”

The world lost a bright light this year; please join us, on what would have been Harrison’s 3rd birthday, to shine a light on children’s cancer awareness and research.

Harrison fought cancer relentlessly for more than half his life with an incredible bravery and strength. Having beat the beast twice, he ultimately lost his fight as a result of the side effects of his treatments. This is true of so many children fighting in this war – if they manage to beat cancer, chances are good that they will eventually succumb to a complication of treatment. Childhood cancer receives roughly 4% of all cancer research funding dollars yet children who survive run the highest risk of late treatment effects because they have so much life left to live once they’ve beaten the disease. This needs to change.

Harrison had an army of supporters behind him – please join us to continue fighting in his name by helping to fund research into better treatment options for kids like Harrison.

All proceeds from the Harrison McKinnon Memorial Golf Tournament will go towards The Children’s Oncology Group Foundation, the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to childhood and adolescent cancer research.

The Ashburnham Realty team is proud that we could celebrate Harrison on his 3RD birthday and help raise cancer awareness.

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