The AshRealty team and our colleagues are an amazing group of people who care so passionate about our Downtown Core.  Downtown Peterborough is strong and vibrant right now. Moving forward we are going to ensure it becomes one of the most enviable downtowns in our country. Our team invests more than just developments within Peterborough – we volunteer, donate & participate in local events. Local partnerships within our community is important to our team!


Ashburnham Realty owns, renovates, develops and manages a number of properties downtown and throughout Peterborough.


Our Partners

– StartUp Peterborough: http://www.startuppeterborough.ca/events/startup-drinks-peterborough-edition/


– Ribbet: https://www.facebook.com/ribbet.coupons


– Chamber Excellence Award: http://www.excellencepeterborough.ca


– DBIA: http://downtownptbo.ca


– UNITED WAY: http://www.uwpeterborough.ca/


– Musicfest: http://www.ptbomusicfest.ca/


– Five Counties Children’s Centre: http://www.fivecounties.on.ca/


– Warming Room/One Roof: https://warmingroom.ca/